Youth Science Conference “Science Around Us”

In the recent past Perth’s multicultural community has welcomed youth science conference “Science Around Us”. The event, hosted by Russian School “Mosaica” (Perth), Russian Educational Hub “OREH” (Melbourne) and Russian Facebook Community “Math without Borders” was the first of its kind in Australia – with all presenters having their theses and presenting solely in Russian.

The conference venue was graciously provided by the Curtin University, inspiring the spirit of alma mater in its walls and it was supported by the Russian Embassy in Australia, Russian Federal Agency “Rossotrudnichestvo”, Shell, Russian Association of WA, Russian Library of WA, LanaNova Store, Nitro-Sibir and Dassault Systems.
The conference opening was welcomed by the Principal of Russian School “Mosaica”, Irina Yakimenko, who also introduced the jury committee:

Dr Vladimir Monkin – docent, PhD in Chemistry Science, honoured by Education Ministry of Russian Federation and by Mayor of Chelyabinsk Region;
Dr Evgeniy Ivanov – docent, PhD in Physics and Mathematic Sciences, representing Russian Educational Hub “OREH” in Mlebourne;
Vera Ivanova – teacher of mathematics, Principal of Russian Educational Hub “OREH”, Melbourne;
Dr Andrey Lugovskoy – PhD in Physics and Mathematic Sciences;
Dr Aleksey Muraviev – Doctor of Philosophy (Political Science), Curtin University of Technology;
Dr Svetlana Tessalina – PhD in Geology, Curtin University of Technology;
Dr Svetlana Bolotintseva – PhD in Chemistry Science, Associate Professor, Curtin University of Technology;
Dr Irina Yakimenko – Doctor of Economics (Russia), Referent of State Social Services, Principal of Russian School “Mosaica”.

Evgeniy Fit, the Head of Territorial Coordination Council of WA has also greeted participants and audience.

Live presentations by the local participants were also complemented by the video records of the presenters from Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, as well as from Tomsk, Khabarovsk, Ufa and Saint Petersburg of Russian Federation.

The participants and their supporters, jury committee and all volunteers and spectators have all experienced a balanced mix of friendly atmosphere and rigorous attitude, expressed in every aspect of the event: theses by presenters, questions, challenges and educated reviews and critique  by the jurors and, of course, warmth of encouragement by the supportive audience.
The conference was concluded by the constructive and useful feedback and recommendations of jurors to the participants and after all, all of them were given a nice opportunity to boost their hard working brains with a remarkable choice of tasty carbohydrates and thermally fused tannin solutions in dihydrogen monoxide.
Our cultural learning centre is planning to compile and publish a digest, containing all of the theses, presentation and reviews from the conference.

It is undoubtedly evident that each and every participant has gained an invaluable experience in their scientific endeavours, especially considering the requirement to perform in Russian language. Perhaps, some (if not all) participants may decide to take a challenge of scientific carrier path and our Centre will gladly continue to support their aspirations and ambitions.

Our Centre would like to express gratitude to:

– All participants and their supporters;
– Organisers and hosts – Russian School “Mosaica”, Russian Educational Hub “OREH”, Russian community “Math without Borders”;
– Members of jury committee for their interest, time and efforts;
– All sponsors of the conference and all supporters and volunteers.

This conference was the first experience of its kind for our Centre and we hope, that it will evolve into a good tradition for our community.

We thank each and every one once again!

Cultural Learning Centre “Mosaica”

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