Immersion into the world of music, using games and imagination

Music Lessons with Marina

Music Lessons with Marina

Marina Potekhina

Music school teacher and accompanist – highest skill category.

For a long time I could not find a solution to a problem I challenged myself with: what is the best way to join a child and music in such a way, that the child would feel interest and enthusiasm for music lessons, and not feel scared of the teacher for mistakes in the performance of a piece or poor singing? Music with no tears – that was my aim. And I started on my quest…To achieve this aim, I revised the 27 years of my teaching experience, and re-read methodological works of great music educators.

And I formulated my findings as follows: musical education should not be aimed solely at educating musicians!

Песенки – чудесенки

Известно, что музыка, хоровое пение являются важнейшим средством формирования здорового…