Holistic Learning

Ekaterina Vostroukhina


  • 2012-2014 Master of Teaching ( secondary),University of South Australia.
  • 2008-2011 Bachelor of Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art.
  • I am a professional freelance artist and a teacher. My specialisation of art practice is painting and mixed medium. I had number of group and solo exhibitions in Australia.
    As an educator I have experience of teaching Art at different year levels. Currently I am continue working as a freelance artist and teaching various subjects in primary and secondary schools.

    My Teaching Approaches.
    My educational philosophy is that learning should be meaningful and holistic. Teaching approaches I use in my art lessons ensure that children’s learning is interconnected and supports development across all domains: physical, personal, social and spiritual. Introducing Art to my students I consider how art lessons can benefit to learners’ emotional well-being , understanding of the surrounded world ,communication with peers and motor skills.